About Me


Hey there, my name is Nathalie and I love food and crafting with my friends and their kids.  I am a stay at home mother to one beautiful girl and I love to constantly create and try out new recipes.  Oh and did I mention I am gluten free…which makes creating recipes and trying out others more challenging.  I also try my best to eat Paleo as often as possible.

Over the years, and many medical issues later, I have become more and more cognizant of the quality of food that I put in my body and my families.  Food is truly the base of health for your body.  It is what nourishes it and helps it grow, or it can be what hinders and makes it sick.  I dedicate a lot of my time to figuring out and researching meals that are not only full of flavor, but also don’t make me miss gluten.  I was never a big pasta person so that part was easy. but I did love bread….oh how I loved bread…but thankfully I also love good food and I have a way of finding it and gluten free or paleo I have found some awesome ways to not feel like I am missing out.  I hope my experiences can help others find a way to feed their families without having to feel like you have too much on your plate or that trying to figure out gluten free or paleo is too overwhelming.  It was for me in the beginning.  I also love feedback so feel free to message me anytime 🙂